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Running a blog?

Give your articles superpowers

Include our AI-powered Article Assistant tool as part of your marketing strategy.

  • AI Powered Assistant – Each published article gets its own AI assistant to provide 'In-article research' to readers.
  • Knowledge Base – The tool reads and uses the content of the article as a knowledge base document, also sources various information from the web to provide answers readers may have.
  • Reader Interaction – Your readers can ask related questions. The AI assistant conduct web researches and provide answers with sources on subject matter right on the article page.
So, why Article Assistant?
  • Meaningful Reference
    Meaningful Reference
    While interacting with your article, your readers are able to derive meaningful points from your researched article as they continue to read.
  • Research Tool
    Research Tool
    Put power in your readers hands by giving them the tool to interact with the chatbot, research your articles, and gain some insights - all done right on the page.
  • Facilitate Growth in Readership
    Facilitate Growth in Readership
    AI tool is trained to nudge and encourage readers to sign up and subscribe to your publication for variety of reason, one of which is to follow up with accurate information on specific questions asked.
  • Auto Pilot
    Auto Pilot
    With our AI tool, simply upload your writing style and adjust preset features. The tool is trained to replicate your writing style and can publish articles on your behalf upon your approval.
  • Blog as A Brand
    Blog as A Brand
    Tool is packed with an array of features that can be used to set monetization for your blog - e.g: "sponsored Reference" feature allows authors to reference related products or services as part of their articles.
  • Social Blogging
    Social Blogging
    Your blog articles are formatted for various media (e.g: Blogs, Newsletters, and Social Media) by AI tool as you click to publish.

Tool: Email Marketing

According to MailerLite's Email marketing benchmarks, the Average Open and Click Rates for email marketing are 41.31% and 3.01%, respectively. So much for a communication tool, right?
Our analysis suggests there is room for improvement in these metrics. Despite the estimated email marketing revenue reaching almost $12.33 billion in 2024, the average/click rate ratios are not particularly impressive. These are what we propose:

Separating Concerns for Click / Open Rates

Addressing Key Click Rate Concerns:

  • Issue: Timing and Frequency
    Our Solution: Launch and send unintrusive AI-Powered Email marketing campaign using Conversational Email Tool.
  • Issue: Poor Subject Lines
    Our Solution: Conversation Email Tool scans web and social media for recipients' latest posts, dynamically crafting subject lines.
  • Issue: Irrelevant Content
    Our Solution: Segment and Identify quality leads based on keywords and connected social metrics.
  • Issue: Unresponsive Emails
    Our Solution: Deploy chatbot to answer questions, provide support with Conversational Email Tool.
  • Issue: List Hygiene Issues
    Our Solution: Regularly clean email list by removing inactive subscribers. Encourage engagement through re-engagement campaigns.
  • Issue: Poor Email Design
    Our Solution: Our tool comes with beautifully designed email templates developed to balance text and images.

Addressing Key Open Rate Concerns:

  • Issue: Emails Labeled as Spam
    Our Solution: Our Tool is configured to avoid spammy practices, using a clear sender name, authenticating emails, and adhere to email marketing best practices.
  • Issue: Lack of Personalization
    Our Solution: Conversation Email Tool personalizes emails by using the recipient's name, engages recipients based on public social data, referencing social media posts.
  • Issue: Misaligned Audience Targeting
    Our Solution: Email list based on demographics, behavior, or preferences conducted by various LLM models. Send targeted and relevant content to improve engagement.
  • Issue: Low-Quality Email Content:
    Our Solution: The tool creates high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that aligns with the expectations of your recipients.
  • Issue: Device Compatibility Issues
    Our Solution: The tool comes with responsive design templates to ensure that your emails look good and function well on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Issue: Weak Source
    Our Solution: Import your contact list, combine with ours or let AI generate a list of emails based on your input that are most qualified to respond to your campaign.

Growth-hack your brand to success in three easy steps

  • tools

    Analyze buying Trends

    AI powered: yes
    In today's ever-changing marketplace, it's more important than ever for brands to stay ahead of the curve. One way to do this is by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze buying trends on the web, and predict outcomes.
  • tools

    Develop Marketing Plan

    AI powered: yes
    Our AI tool first understand your target audience's needs, preferences, and behaviors. This includes analyzing the data collected on shopping trends, Identifying new trends, Sales data, Tracking trends, and finally predicting outcomes.
  • tools

    AI Influencer Marketing

    AI powered: yes
    Automate influencer marketing with our AI tool. Set this tool to generate contents automatically, schedule posting and manage responses on your behalf. Reach customers at the right time with precision posting.

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