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Helping eCommerce Brands attain Unicorn status.

Not many businesses built on eCommerce platforms get to be Billion dollar companies. Question is - Why not?

Growth and Exit strategies for business built on...


Providing robust platform that help your brand Scale and Exit

From growth funding to brand building strategies, brand marketing to investor relations strategies, we provide practical value that accelerates growth for eCommerce businesses.

For Agencies & Brands

How it works

The way we work with every company is tailored to their specific needs. However, it falls within these categories

Growth Funding

In order to facilitate growth, you need capital. This is optional but recommended if you are planning to scale your business but running low on funds or do not have enough capital after expenses are taken care of. We can provide funding and resources for you to grow faster.

Branding & Marketing

Selling your own products with your company name and logo is a key factor when it comes to branding. If you are not currently selling your own brand product we work with an array of product designers and manufacturers that can help bring your ideas to life as well as a winning go-to-market strategy.

Getting brands into Retail stores

Our approach to growing brands at record speed is getting products into local retail stores. We have 115 retail stores across NYC tri-state area along with an additional 84 store locations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine that we have solid partnership with - These stores host and sell products ranging from Wellness, Apparel, and Beauty to Kids, Organic, and Energy drinks. We try this approach first for brands to get sales going before launching web and/or social media campaigns.

Vetted Brand Ambassadors

Collaborate with Creators and Influencers whose channels align with your brand and products. Work directly with ambassadors ...

What to Expect

Below are some of the services you are guaranteed to expect from us.

Dedicated Team

Your company will be assigned an Account Manager to oversee your growth along with dedicated experts in marketing and branding. Your Account Manager will put together a road map with an executable plan to succeed.

Access to Funding

Let's start by saying that this is not a loan. However, it is a "recommended" revenue-based financing that you can choose (if needed) to access. Your company will have revolving access to funds for you to grow faster after all the faster you grow, the sooner you attain unicorn status

Dedicated Branding & Marketing team

Our team will propose branding ideas, help improve your marketing performance on the web as well as parallel your social media effort so that you can acquire more customers and increase profitability

Exit Strategy Advisor

As exciting as it sounds to run your company forever, most entrepreneurs plan on retiring at some point and exiting the company. You need an expert to advise you on when is right to exit, how exit strategy helps your business valuation, types of exit strategies, which strategy is best for your company e.t.c.

For Brand Ambassadors

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

Growing your channels organically shouldn't put you between a rock and a hard place. Our platform provide tools that you can use to grow and monetize your social media channels as Brand Ambassadors.

Get hired as an Ambassador to promote eCommerce Brands whose products align with your channel goals.

Grow your Channels

Whether you have a few hundreds or thousand followers, our real-time "listening tool" can help grow your social media presence exponentially and organically.

Become Brand Ambassador

Brands are always looking for ways to collaborate with Influencers who can help them grow. Make money representing and promoting eCommerce brands and their products to your followers and beyond.

Ambassador Program

Pool followers and share resources with other Ambassadors looking to grow their channels. Share links to each others contents and channels within the same categories, receive hot tips from guest pros on how to grow your channels.
social media
social media

Our Technology

Our platform uses the power of technology to automatically identify opportunities in social media posts through real-time listening tools, accompanied by human expertise and resources to monitor and engage brand products in social media conversations.

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Listening Tool

Our listening tool sets, monitors, and listens for keywords relevant to your Brand/products mentioned anywhere on the web and on most social media platforms in real-time.

Human Touch

Once an opportunity is identified through our listening tool, our associates then responds back with a message to contribute to the conversation all the while plugging your product.

Sales Tool

Monitoring the desired keywords and hashtags with predefined search parameters helps track brands' reputations while doubling up as an effective sales tool.